Borland launches Delphi 2.0J on June 24th

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32-bit native compiler for Windows 95 / NT '96 / 5/15 Presentation held Standard price:  "Delphi 2.0J" 29,800 yen  "Delphi Developer  2.0J " 68...

32-bit native compiler for Windows 95 / NT

’96 / 5/15 Presentation held

Standard price: 
“Delphi 2.0J” 29,800 yen 
“Delphi Developer 
2.0J ” 68,000 yen “Delphi Cliant / Server Suite 2.0J” 248,000 yen

Borland Software Corporation in formation center Tel.03-5350-9380 
Nihon Unisys Software, Inc. Tel.03-37-0308 
 Borland Software Corporation announced the development system that can develop 32-bit applications “Delphi 2.0J” , Will start shipping from June 24th. 
 Delphi has three types of systems depending on the development purpose. All media are CD-ROM only.

“Delphi 2.0J” for
 individual users. The basic system of Delphi.

For “Delphi Developer 2.0J”
 professionals. It is also equipped with a mathematical function library and a database-related library. A 16-bit version of the object development tool is also included.

“Delphi Client / Server Suite 2.0J” The
 purpose is to develop applications for client / server environments. Equipped with a wealth of SQL-related tools. Includes PVCS version manager.

[Features of Delphi]

  • A visual integrated development environment that matches the Windows 95 style
  • Works on Windows 95 / NT, 16MB or more RAM recommended.
  • Requires a minimum HDD capacity of 50MB and a full installation of 120MB
  • Supports all Windows 95 / NT APIs. Supports DLL format in addition to EXE
  • It has a 32-bit native code compiler.
  • Generate object code 3-4 times faster than the 16-bit version

 At the same time, it was revealed that Nihon Unisys Software Co., Ltd. will form a sales tie-up with Borland and will provide sales promotion and consulting as a Delphi agency.