Toshiba “Libretto 20” released

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At: Toshiba Headquarters Building 39F April 17  A laptop with a price of 198,000 yen (installed model), a new genre, marketing aimed at the personal ...

At: Toshiba Headquarters Building 39F April 17

 A laptop with a price of 198,000 yen (installed model), a new genre, marketing aimed at the personal market, a new naming (Libretto means a small book in Italian), and the return of the hit of the first Dynabook J-3100SS. Is.

Ultra-small Windows 95 notebook

 The selling point of the “Libretto 20” is that it is small (mostly VHS tape size), lightweight (850g), and comes with Windows 95 pre-installed and works fine. Toshiba calls this genre “mini-notebook”. 6.1-inch TFT color LCD (65,536 colors can be displayed), 270MB HDD (special ultra-thin 2.5-inch), lithium-ion battery (up to 3 hours, 6 hours when using the optional large-capacity battery), IrDA (file transfer software) (With) and most of the trends required for current Windows laptops * 1. The CPU is a little weaker than AMD’s 486DX4 75MHz equivalent, but it meets the minimum functionality.

* 1 Note: Although it was stated in the bulletin that there is a sound function, it is not provided. We apologize for the correction.



Full of new technology

 At the presentation venue, dozens of Libretto 20s were exhibited, and parts such as a skeleton model with a transparent body, a motherboard, a liquid crystal panel, and an HDD were also exhibited. Only the newly developed ASIC chip, CPU, and PCMCIA slots can be found on the motherboard. This ASIC uses the 0.35 micron rule, the highest level technology at the moment, which is used almost exclusively for CPUs, and integrates all the functions of the chipset so far. This and the 1/3 inch thick (8.45 mm) ultra-thin HDD are the major technical points. The 6.1-inch TFT LCD is also the first appearance. 

User interface

 The main unit is equipped with a PCMCIA card slot (TYPE2 x 1) and IrDA serial and parallel interfaces in the attached IO adapter (docking station). The keyboard is really small, and blind touch typing with both hands is difficult except for people with very small hands. Practically, it seems that you will hit with one index finger of both hands. The pointing device has a circular cursor movement button on the right side of the liquid crystal panel and a button type on the back side. There is no PS / 2 type mouse / keyboard connector, and it’s a pity that the mouse is a serial mouse and the external keyboard is a glitter. Two models of Libretto 220 are available depending on the type of pre-installed software. CT with only Windows 95 and basic utility software installed is 178,000 yen, CTA with Microsoft Works, Lotus Organizer, Eki Spaato ’96, English-Japanese dictionary and Japanese dictionary software (View Dic) pre-installed It is 198,000 yen. 

Main specifications Libretto 20 CTA model (application model) CPU: DX4 75MHz equivalent, RAM: 8MB (maximum 20MB), secondary cache: none, display function: 6.1-inch FL sidelight with TFT color liquid crystal, display capacity: 640 x 480 dots / 65,536 colors, display chip: CL-GD7548 (RAM 1MB), keyboard: OADG compliant 88 keys, FDD: external option, HDD: 270MB, infrared I / F: IrDA / ASK method compliant, size (width x) Depth x Height): 210 mm x 115 mm x 34 mm, Attached software: Windows 95, TranXit Ver.2 (common to CT above), Microsoft Works, Lotus Organizer, Station Spa Ato ’96, English-Japanese dictionary and Japanese dictionary software (View Dic) ) (CTA only), Price: 198,000 yen (CTA) / 178,000 yen (CT)