Business Show ’96 Day 2 Report

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"Business Show '96"has reached its second day, and the companion lady is about to finally start to get the lines. It was fine today and the sidewalk t...

“Business Show ’96”has reached its second day, and the companion lady is about to finally start to get the lines. It was fine today and the sidewalk to Tokyo Big Sight was hot even in the morning.

 Retreat of desktop PCs What I noticed at this business show is that there are few desktop PCs on display. Even if desktop PCs are on display, the PC itself is often not the main character, but part of some information service or application. 
 Except for Mitsubishi Electric’s apricot series, which has just returned to the consumer PC market, there are almost no main booths. 
 Even the “reference exhibit” machines, which have a strong facial appearance of next-generation machines, had almost no desktops, and the only thing that caught my eye was Matsushita Electric’s home computer with a touch panel. 
 By the way, I noticed today that Fujitsu, which is sweeping the personal market with DeskPower, is not participating. 

● Information equipment is not the only business
 I am always looking forward to the business show regulars, the booth on the left demonstrating the sole massage machine, and the tornado to promote smoke separation! The booth on the right, which sells conference room equipment that wakes up and inhales cigarette smoke (white band in the middle). I have been exhibiting for many years, and I just searched for it every year. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

● Let’s make rubber stamps happily
 Enter the “Taiko van!” (32,800 yen) found at the King Jim booth, like a tepla, print the image on the attached pad, and wash out the stamp surface in the procedure of plate making and exposure. It’s done. It also has an automatic format function inherited from Tepla, which is the stationery I want most now. 

 Campless A two-step foot-operated campress (6,480 yen) that crushes cans. It is said that it will be crushed suitable for recycling. I want a little, but I’m sorry that I can only use up to 360 ml. I wish I could crush up to a 1 liter beer can.

● Sanyo’s 3D stereoscopic vision
 Sanyo’s 3D vision, which does not require glasses, can screen 2D and 3D in the same way. Demonstrations were being held side by side. If you take a picture, it will be 2D, so there is no picture.

● Protect your body from
 electromagnetic waves The electromagnetic wave shield panel “Shield Man” exhibited at the Koshida Shoji booth. Surround the monitor with a panel. I continued to demonstrate the effect of moving the panel back and forth manually. Thank you for your hard work.

[Notice] Tomorrow, we will report mainly on the wear of companions of each company.