New Celeron™ Processor 533 MHz is Intel’s Fastest-Ever for Sub-$1000 PCs

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First of Many Value PC Products in 2000

Intel® Celeron™ processor 533 MHz

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 4, 2000 – Intel Corporation today introduced the Intel® Celeron™ processor 533 MHz, its fastest processor ever for sub-$1,000 PCs. This processor enhances the overall performance of PCs offered in the value PC market segment, and it brings consumers good performance at a great value.

“Intel intends to remain aggressive in the value PC market segment in 2000,” said Pat Gelsinger, vice president, Intel Desktop Products Group. “The Celeron processor 533 MHz is the first of many new value PC desktop and mobile products from Intel in 2000. These products will help reinforce Intel’s leadership in this market segment worldwide and bring great technology to consumers.”

Intel Celeron processors — the second-best selling processors in the world behind Intel’s leading Pentium® processor family of products — offer consumers great value PC performance and a good way to get on the Internet for $1,000 and below.

Product Features, Price and Availability

Intel Celeron processors are now offered at 533, 500, 466, 433 and 400 MHz speeds in Plastic Pin Grid Array (PPGA) packaging. The Intel Celeron processor 533 MHz is priced at $167 in 1,000-unit quantities. Processors are available today in systems from major PC manufacturers, as well as individually from Intel product dealers and resellers.




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