Business Show ’96 Opening

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Invited days on 14th and 15th, open to the public on 16th and 17th at Tokyo Big Sight (Rinkai Subcenter) "Business Show '96",  which moved to Tokyo B...

Invited days on 14th and 15th, open to the public on 16th and 17th at Tokyo Big Sight (Rinkai Subcenter)

“Business Show ’96”,  which moved to Tokyo Big Sight, the coastal subcenter , started on the 14th. PC Watch will send you reports of this big event several times. First, breaking news on the day of the opening.

● Wide-screen laptop The
 first thing I noticed was the “Mevius Wide,” which was exhibited for reference at Sharp’s booth (the panel on the left is the exhibition panel). The selling point is that it uses a 16: 9 wide LCD to achieve both portability and operability. Although it is a reference exhibit, it seems that it will be commercialized soon. I was demonstrating with Excel saying “Spreadsheets are very practical.” Will wide screens become the mainstream for personal computer screens?

● Digital camera and new product
 The “DC-2” announced yesterday was also demonstrated extensively at the Ricoh booth. The main exhibition is the DC-2L with an LCD screen (preliminary price: 85,800 yen: photo on the left). Built-in 410,000 pixels, 2MB memory. He complained that he was strong in macro (close-up photography). 
 Canon’s “PowerShot 600” was also on display. Both the Casio booth and the QV series had a large-scale exhibition, and a photo session of a beautiful swimsuit was held at QV.

● Mobile information terminals
 Many pen-touch type mobile information terminals such as Hanamori Matsushita (photo) and Sanyo were exhibited. However, it is a pity that most of them are for business use and the only model for individuals is Zaurus. 
 Many mobile phones / PHS were also exhibited. Uncle Lululu of Astel also appeared.

● Taiwan booth that enthusiasts are happy with. 
 The booth in Taiwan, a major producer of DOS / V machines (PC AT), will appear again this year. PC enthusiasts should check out color fax machines, keyboards, cases, etc.

● Intranet is the keyword for this year The
 big makers are intranets and intranets everywhere. The center of the exhibition is the server.

● Costume Return The
 companion costume, which had declined at one point, has been revived. This year’s fashion is vinyl wear. Preparing for planning separately.

● Let’s prepare AA batteries The AA batteries at
 the shop in Tokyo Big Sight are already out of stock because the last 8 interview team bought them. Moreover, it is sold at a rare price of 1,320 yen for 8 AA alkaline bottles. If you are a digital camera enthusiast, be sure to prepare batteries before you go to the venue.

● Yurikamome is crowded, and the Rinkai Fukutoshin Line is recommended When
 it comes to transportation to Tokyo Big Sight, Yurikamome comes to mind, but it was already crowded from the morning. The rattle seaside subcenter line is recommended. It leaves from Shin-Kiba Station on the Yurakucho Subway Line approximately every 10 minutes.